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Nashua NH Members


This is the page where projects will be posted. Please check back occasionally for updates.


Please email with things to add, and comments. FWNashuaNH



June 17 Meeting - tap

July 15 Meeting - tap

September 11 Meeting - tap

Check these Member found links...


As you know, whether beginner or experiened, there is so much information on the web about our religion. Don't let it overwhelm you. It is all very interesting, and you can expand your experience. But remember the basics, visit here sometimes and relax and get your bearings.


Members can add links to interesting items related to our spirituality here. To add your own, submit the request to the moderator. Enjoy!

  • Mabon, a time for the Dark Mother. Check this link for information about this. 

    Some information about the Crone.


A wonderful site with rituals, gifts, supplies and more.

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