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The Sabbats

The Wiccan Sabbats should be a very important part of our lives. By observing each Sabbat, we can not only keep focus on the changing of the seasons, but it is also very useful in making goals, planning, achieving, and feeling grounded.


Each Sabbat is a wonder when you think of the beauty of our planet and sun and the dance they perform yearly. Add a ritual to the holiday, and it can be a very blissful time.

Samhain-Water-Fire Festival-Cross Quarter-Oct 31

“summers end” Death and spiritual transformation

Once again the Sun is half-way to the Winter Solstice. Be sure to reflect on Earth’s position in relation to the Sun. It is a good time to also reflect on the coming months and plan for the cold and short days of Winter.

Samhain is so many things, explore learn and enjoy this wonderful Sabbat!


Artist unknown at this time.

Yule-Earth- Solar Festival-Quarter-Winter Solstice-Dec 21-22


Blessed Yule, the end of the diminishing Sun. This is such a special time where it is nice to reflect on our lives, what we have done, and what we will do next year. We can place an evergreen tree in our home to remind us of the beauty of summer, and to give us hope at its return. We can place lights and decorations to reflect the joy of life, and the light of the Sun which is now beginning its return.

To make sense of this time of year, it can work well to combine the Winter Solstice, Xmas, and New Year’s into one holiday season of Yule. Of course it is all about the Solstice, but in our current society, Xmas has taken over the traditions of Yule. Basically replacing the word Sun with son, and moving the date a bit. 

However, we can blend the 21st into the 25th in our hearts and minds as the celebration of Yule. And since the Solstice also marks a beginning for the coming year, we can also bring our current calendars New Year’s Day into the same holiday. It makes so much more sense when these 3 dates are combined into one Yule Holiday Season.


Imbolc-Air-Fire Festival-Cross Quarter-February 2

“In Milk,”, “In the womb” Inception

At Imbolc we are halfway through winter and that much closer to spring. On some days now one can sense the returning warmth of the Sun. Even on the cold days of February, if protected from the wind and in the Sun, the warmth is evident. 

It is probably a good time to start whatever long term plans you might have in motion. Start gathering the base details for your projects or goals. Embrace the hope and the promise of the return to Spring.


Ostara-Fire- Solar Festival-Quarter-Spring Equinox-March 22-23

“Month of Beginnings” Birth and growth

The days are equal in length now as the Sun continues it’s journey to Summer. Life and hope begin to appear. Try to absorb this energy into yourself to help with any difficulties you are dealing with and to help you continue working towards your life’s goals. 

Beltane-Earth-Fire Festival-Cross Quarter-May 1

“Bright Fire” Birth and Growth are the focus. 

May dew is wonderful to collect. It’s the best time to make Holy Water. It is nice to be able to celebrate this time of year outside with friends and family perhaps around a May pole! 

Half-way to Summer and time for finishing touches on things you have been working on to get ready for the coming harvest times.

Litha – Midsummer-Water- Solar Festival-Quarter-Summer Solstice-June 21-22

“Moon”, Maturity

Finally it’s Summer! There can be so many things going on at this time of the year. The Sun gives its full energy to us now and the Earth’s abundance is clearly evident.

Summer is a time of love, memories, and peacefulness. Often these things seem so distant to some of us, but it is important to keep an eye out for any opportunities.

Do what you can to enjoy and absorb the energies of this wonderful time of the year. Soon we will all be busy in various ways as the harvest months approach.


Lughnasadh-Fire-Fire Festival-Cross Quarter-Aug 1

Harvest time “To give in marriage to Lugh”, look for change

Half-way to Autumn now, the Summer seems to move so fast! It is that time to begin reaping from work you have done throughout the first parts of the year if the opportunity presents itself. If not, begin early on thinking of things you want to achieve before the cold months of winter.

It is a nice time to celebrate with friends, and if your lucky enough, there may be a bonfire! Enjoy the last days of Summer!

Mabon-Air- Solar Festival-Quarter-Autumn Equinox-Sept 21-22

Mabon means ‘divine youth’

If you are on or near a farm, you already know it is the last harvest. Others of us can notice the change in some of the things we see in the produce section of our grocery stores. It is naturally comforting to embrace this season with its colors and crisp mornings. Enjoy and look forward.

The air becomes fresh and clear more often, and the leaves show us how beautiful life is. Many love this time of year because of these things. Do not forget though, to begin your preparations for the coming colder months in whatever way suits your needs.


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