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Meditation is wonderful for several reasons. It can be very relaxing, a stress reducer, and it can lead to discovery of information! It is often difficult however, to find a time and place to do a meditation. Check DayToDay for some tips that may help you learn how to do more meditations, and to use them to your benifit.



Experience the Elements


When you are fully relaxed, first imagine yourself sinking thru the ground down into the Earth. Imagine the feel and smell of top soil and dirt and flow past rocks of various types. Think of the beauty of the many minerals, perhaps you come upon a cavern full of amethyst and quartz.


Continue when you are ready, downward until you sense the heat of the Earth’s core. Flow into the lava you know is there and notice the power, the potential, and beauty of the flowing lava.


When you are ready, travel upwards towards the nearest ocean. Explode from the bottom of the ocean and enjoy the underwater plants and creatures. Notice the feel of the water upon your skin as you flow through the deep ocean upwards. Remember the many qualities of water and how it helps sustain life. As you flow upward, notice the warming of the water.


When you are ready, emerge from the surface of the ocean upwards into the sky, into the clouds and above. Feel the air warm to cold rushing past your body. Imagine the clean deep breaths of sustaining air.


Finally, when you are ready, gently float back to your beginning point, and relax until you are ready to end the meditation.

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