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Day to Day

For most of us it can be very difficult to create and keep a habit. Even when it is something we enjoy like mediation. The best way is to take it easy in the beginning and don't over promise yourself. Carefully carve out some time for the activity you want to make a habit of and keep with it for a few weeks. After a while it will be like second nature, you will more often remember to do it.


Here are some tips and ideas that can be used to help create habits:

  • Set alarms on your cell phone.

It is a challenge to put aside time for things like meditation, exercise, and ritual. Use the reminder alarm so that you are at least reminded of what you want to do. Eventually, force it on yourself once in a while. If it just is not working, change the times. The goal is to slowly create a habit.


  • Put a reminder in a place you see every day.

Use this the same way as the alarm. If after a while you find it is not working, change the location of the reminder. Keep trying variations of what the reminder is, and where it is placed.


  • Try to think of the things you want to do during boring commercials.

Try reading a book during commercials. You might find sometimes that the book is better than the show and end up muting the TV!

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