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Words to Live By 

Why embrace a religion? Well, because it can be a great help in creating and living a happy life! Following the basics of Wicca is a powerful way to bring to you the things you need.

The Sabbats

The Wiccan Sabbats are a very important part of our life. By observing each Sabbat, we can not only keep focus on the changing of the seasons, but it is very useful in making goals, planning, achieving, and feeling grounded.


Each Sabbat is a wonder when you think of the beauty of our planet and sun and the dance they perform yearly. Add a ritual to the holiday, and it can be a very blissful time.

The Esbats

As we all are aware, the Moon is a beautiful object to view at night, or in the daylight. The energy of the moon is apparent in noticing what it does to the oceans at low and high tide.


As we pay attention to the phases of the Moon, we can often notice patterns in our lives that match the Moon. We can use our awareness of this to our advantage in ritual, meditation, and in our daily lives. 


Meditation can help so much in our lives. Here are some simple meditations that you may enjoy whether a beginner or experienced.

Spell Work

Spell work can help us in our lives in so many ways. Here are some basic, and simple spells for living.

Day to Day

There is a lot of time in between the Sabbats and the Esbats. In our day to day lives, it is difficult to remember to use the strength we can find in our religion. Here are some ideas on how to remember to remember...

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