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June 17 Meeting

We met at Barnes & Nobel and talked about starting a project for the group. We will be creating a group Book of Shadows. So far we have a list only of items and thoughts. The goal for the project is to have the binding of course, a Samhain Ritual, and opening and closing circle sections.


There may be more by Samhain, but the idea is to have at least that much so we can do a Samhain celebration this October possible on the 30th.


Please email comments and thoughts. I will find a way for us to collaborate on the project.

  • Size of the book should be easy to manipulate and hold at ritual

  • Book will be computer generated

  • Easily opened

  • Title can have shadowy 'Book of Shadows' text over the FW picture.

  • Get cost estimate

  • Same binder for all

  • personal Pages can be added by members



  • Esbats

  • Sabbats

  • Individual Rituals

  • Group Rituals

  • Open Circle

  • Close Circle

  • Empty pages for personal use


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