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September 11 Meeting

We met at Barnes & Nobel and discussed the Book of Shadows for the group. It was a fun meeting, good to see everyone, and some were missed.


We discussed next step in the BOS effort, and also came up with some ideas for activities.


  • BOS - Blackthorn will get the notebooks and paper and let everyone know the price. 

  • BOS - Blackthorn will get the contents started with some basic words for creating the circle etc.


  • We think it would be fun to meet at Greeley part on September 25th to celebrate Autumn in some small way.

  • Ideas so far include:

    • Bring snacks; apples, crackers etc

    • Bring corn, maybe barbeque it

    • Bring small pumpkins, straw?, leaves, decoration stuff

    • Bury stuff for endings

  • Time may be somewhere between 5 and 7:30, have to check Greeley Park rules.


Samhain at Marthas

We will probably do this on October 29th around 7:30. Details will be put in the FB event.


Check Samhain in Salem events

Find possible events for the group and post as FB events


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