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On to Samhain

Wow, the Summer has ended. The passing of Mabon means that it is time for the beautiful fresh air and color of the Autumn months. Normally. We will see how the weather goes.

But whatever the weather, I feel it is time to start preparing for the completion of things. Much like the approach of the New Moon, the approach to Yule is a time of finishing things, a time of endings. A time to get ready for new things.

I feel that the strongest Elements now are Air and Earth. The air around us begins to change, sometimes cooler, sometimes warmer, until inevitably the cold of winter settles in. The earth is so obvious this season. Some of us harvesting what remains in the garden, all of us seeing autumn items at the grocery store.

The halfway point to Yule of course is Samhain. The dusk of the year. The quiet time. Blessed Be!

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