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Wiccan Metaphysics - Part 1

Metaphysics is a part of philosophy that puts together ideas about the nature of our existence. Things like being, cause and effect, time, space and what it means to know something.

Metaphysics is like 'past physics'. It goes beyond what can be proven about physical objects to a more descriptive idea about objects.

Metaphysics is a view of reality.

As humans we see and deal with reality all the time. Reality of nature can be harsh, or beautiful. Nature provides the means to sustain us. The reality there is that the possibility for life exists, the related reality is that we must think and work hard at extracting what we need to live from nature. It is rarely given freely.

Reality is the universe, and everything in it.

Reality exists as an absolute; with or without us. A fact is a fact no matter what we think or feel about it.

Then how should we as Witches and Wiccans fit metaphysics into our philosophy of life? It fits quite well in fact, and that will be discussed in a subsequent blog.

Blessed Be.

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