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Welcome to Foundation Wicca!


Foundation Wicca provides a place where the Wiccan, Witch, or Pagan can visit to remind themselves of the basic tenets of their religions. Simplicity is key here where we describe the basics of Wicca, a philosophy, and some guidlines on how to use your religion in everyday life...Read More...


Read some simple guidlines for using your religion in day to day life. Some hints on how to remind yourself of the Moon phases, ways to embrace the Sabbats and other things for Wiccan living.


Read our very basic philosophy. This can help you figure out a set of ethics and morals based on Wicca. These ideas may help you with your own lives, or friends and family.

Etsy Items

If you would like, check the Raven In A Worldtree Etsy site for items related to day to day Wiccan living.

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